Getting punished for having the wrong hairstyle? Is this right? Eeerm I don’t think so. Boys in schools are now being put into referral bases and excluded for having a line in their hair. Really? If I can’t have ‘ONE’ line in my hair then why can boys dye their hair? Is that fair? If they can have a hairstyle that they want then so can I! Like where is the equality in that? A line in your hair does not mean your going to get distracted from your learning. It doesn’t mean that you are in a gang. It’s just something that someone thinks makes themselves look good.  Teachers say that it doesn’t make the school look good, but yet they are coming into school in trainers. In addition to that, thy can come in with a hairstyle that they want and they wont get to anything. If I can’t, then why can you? Having a certain hairstyle makes people feel more confident about how they are. Now why would you want to ruin someone’s happiness. People like me have been made to feel so scared in the way I should cut my hair. 1 little slip up could cause me to be either excluded or put into referral. Recently I have been made to cut my hair in a way that I would not want to. Why is this, because of the school pathetic rules and regulations. If a student came to our school and wasn’t like me and cut their hair the way they wanted to every single time, then what would the school do? Punish them every single time. Like come on that is nonsense!

Inequality takes a major role in day-to-day life in our society. Examples of inequality is when teenage boys(mainly black boys) get stopped and searched due to mainly the colour of their skin. This is an act of discrimination as well as inequality. Inequality and discrimination in this case can also be classed as a form of racism. If it was an upper class white kid walking around the street in a rather large group they would not be stopped and searched, but the black boys would. Another prime example of inequality is that people with mental health issues are overwhelmingly unemployed. Due to the fact that they have a mental issue this does not mean the you can discriminate them and make them a minority… We are all equal and shouldn’t make people feel S*** about themselves just because of their needs. In addition to that, although women are allowed to fight in the wars, they are still not allowed to fight on the front-line even though they probably would love to fight on the front-line. Many people who have also had sexual orientations have been discriminated for things such as joining an all boys school if you have changed to be a boy from a girl vice versa.

I hope that I have proved my point of discrimination.

Waking up, and stretching my aching body and taking in the breath-taking heat from the big, bold, yellowish orange Jamaican sun. Is what I did every morning for two weeks on my holiday to Jamaica at the age of 10 years old. We went to the private beach at times as early as 7:00 am, me and my once mix raced sister, who eventually looked like me in the end.  Mum and Dad were still asleep. The first day there was very tiring, due to our previous 9 hours flight from Gatwick, England. We left England at 10:00 am and arrived in the afternoon of 12:00 pm in Jamaican time. Me and my sister stayed at the beach by ourselves for about 1 hour and returned back to our hotel room to wake our parents up and go for breakfast. They were twisting and turning in the bed as we were making a racket on the balcony of our room. We got a little telling off, but what did we care? We were on holiday… holidays are for having fun not getting moaned at about rubbish. Your parents don’t want you to go on holiday and sit there and do nothing, they want you to go an enjoy yourselves, but the minute you do you’re in trouble. Finally they got their lazy bodies out of bed and huffed and puffed due to the time that we woke them up. What I could see in my surroundings were the beautiful palm trees and surrounding those palm trees were the evil little buggers of a specie…Mosquitoes! You was surrounded by the smell of tender bacon, sizzling sausages and exotic eggs and many more splendid smells. These smells swiftly collided with the hairs in my nose as if I was in heaven. You could hear the splash in the sea the excitement from kids and the cries from he not so excited babies. All I wanted to do was eat and play eat and play eat and play. Well that is all kids should want to do, if not then you aren’t a normal kid I’m sorry to say.

5 years went by and its was that time of the year again when mum and dad wanted to get away from England again and wanted to go back to sunny Sand Jamaica. This time we stayed at Gran Bahia Principe in Mantigo Bay a 5 star hotel. This time we were told that we were going to do much more exciting things due to be much older than the last time we came. This time mum took me and my now ten-year old sister and my 6 month year old sister many places. The most memorable time was going to Dolphin cove…Dolphin cove was a very exciting thrill seeking tourist site where we got to swim with the silky grey dolphins. I got to ride on the smooth belly of a dolphin and ride on its prominent nose as it tickled and massaged the soles of my foot. The water that we swam in was very salty. How do I know that? Well I had to gargle and spit salt water every time the dolphins sped past me.  This one event on my return back to Jamaica is the best so far. I did not care what I did next because I had the most exciting time there and then. Splish splash splosh went the short fins of the dolphins. I also got to kiss the dolphins fishy lips. Eug! Is what I though whilst in the action but oh well. Life goes on as my parents would say. We all have to live throught the good, bad and the ugly.

Kerr is wrong! I strongly disagree with the false facts that she is trying to stress. She stated in her article that slang is wrong and is negatively impacting or lives. she has mentioned that we aren’t interested, ” It’s already a constant battle for young people to prove we’re not all apathetic”. Well this isn’t a true statement, due to the fact that we actually do care about what we say and how we say it.

In addition to that, she has also said ” I am embarrassed and  ashamed” Now why is she ashamed? I am sure that she has friends that speak with a tone in which is classed as slang. Yes is the answer everyone talks in slang every so often. It doesn’t exactly reflect well on young people who the new additions are mostly related to image, reputation and sex’. Why are you embarrassed? When you were young didn’t you and your folks use words that were classed as slang back then? Yes! Yes is the answer to that question

Our generation of children now use words such as VOM and SELFIE. The words ‘vom’ and ‘selfie’ may not sound right to you but it does. These words are initialisms standing for vomit and taking a picture of yourself. Kerr cannot tell me that she doesn’t use words such as selfie because I know for a fact that her friends do. In addition to that, I know that YOU USE THESE WORDS!

You also state that “Shakespeare would be turning in his grave”  Shakespeare introduced new words to the dictionary and nobody ever dared to challenge the things that he put into it. How can Shakespeare add words to the dictionary but our younger generation can’t? Shakespeare added  words to the dictionary so that if you do not know a word then all you have to do is go into a dictionary and check the meaning of something. Kerr questioned the word twerk…Well why question the word twerk and not know about it and not want it to be in the dictionary so that you can see the word on a daily basis and know what it actually means? Now come on now Kerr are you that naive and stubborn?  How could Shakespeare be turning in his grave and disapproving if he’s the one that started the whole trend in making up words and introducing them into our day-to-day lives. He invented over 1700 of our common words by changing nouns into verbs, changing verbs into adjectives, connecting words never before used together. If he can do this then why can’t we? Gossip is a word that he invented…Now Kerr don’t tell me that you do not use this word regularly.

Kerr doesn’t seem to get the point in these new words but the dictionary needs to be regularly updated otherwise in the future we would be using the same words that were originally said in the 70’s 80’s or even before… Kerr needs to understand that it is the 21st century and that the world is changing and will always be changing, their used to be ‘old English’ but their words were changed. People were probably outraged that words of this famous language were being changed, well now it is happening again. So people like Kerr need to get her foot out her backside and live up to what life is.

In conclusion Kerr has presented herself in her article as someone who is arguing against something she knows nothing about. Clearly she hasn’t researched anything about it and therefore hasn’t got a scrap of general knowledge. she is arguing that slang should actually be in the dictionary which wasn’t her argument. Kerr you need to do your research and get your facts straight and then come back and argue. Why don’t you just go and argue about putting on make-up or something else that you “may” have just a tiny scrap of knowledge about.

To, die to sleep (death?) To die or to sleep means to basically exactly what is says…die or sleep! Hamlet dying is an uncontrollable force in his world. To die, to sleep is a metaphor Die as to sleep forever.(“and by sleep we say we end”) To sleep is to sleep fir a certain amount of hours to relieve your day.

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To die or not to die Is it better to put up with the nasty things that come your way? Forever? Death is to sleep A long sleep that helps u to get rid of the treaturous past That’s the good and the best to wish for To die or not to die To sleep maybe to dream U never know what dreams will give certainly something to worry about

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Ophelia has a funeral and hamlet and Laertes have a fight. They both argue about who loves Othelia the most. Hamlet dies…


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Claudius wants to know what has happened after her sons welfare. The King wants to banish Hamlet. Hamlet is described as madder than he storms sea… Thai make him sound really mad. Claudius deplores hamlets madness. He blames himself for not being sterner with Hamlet.

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The queen and polonious wait for Hanlet to arrive. Polonious plans to ears drop to be able to discover hamlets unusual behaviour.  Hamlet asks his mother why she has sent for him. She tells him that she had offended his father. Polonious wants the queen to be harsh with hamlet.

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That evening, in the castle hall now doubling as a theater, Hamlet anxiously lectures the players on how to act the parts he has written for them. Polonius shuffles by with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, and Hamlet dispatches them to hurry the players in their preparations. Horatio enters, and Hamlet, pleased to see him, praises him heartily, expressing his affection for and high opinion of Horatio’s mind and manner, especially Horatio’s qualities of self-control and reserve. Having told Horatio what he learned from the ghost—that Claudius murdered his father—he now asks him to watch Claudius carefully during the play so that they might compare their impressions of his behavior afterward. Horatio agrees, saying that if Claudius shows any signs of guilt, he will detect them.

Claudius and Gertrude discuss Hamlet’s behavior with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, who say they have been unable to learn the cause of his melancholy. They tell the king and queen about Hamlet’s enthusiasm for the players. Encouraged, Gertrude and Claudius agree that they will see the play that evening. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern leave, and Claudius orders Gertrude to leave as well, saying that he and Polonius intend to spy on Hamlet’s confrontation with Ophelia. Gertrude exits, and Polonius directs Ophelia to walk around the lobby. Polonius hears Hamlet coming, and he and the king hide.

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The King and Queen enter with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and others. King Claudius has summoned Hamlet’s two school chums to Elsinore to have them spy on the Prince and report back to Claudius, recounting Hamlet’s every move. The Queen promises them handsome compensation for their spying and assures them that Hamlet’s own good requires the service. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern agree. The two leave to seek Prince Hamlet, and the King and Queen turn their attention to Polonius, who claims to have the answer to Prince Hamlet’s affliction He promises to elaborate further after Claudius receives his newly arrived ambassadors from Norway.

When Polonius exits, Gertrude scoffs at the old man’s intimations. She remains certain that Hamlet’s woes are caused by the old king’s death and her hasty remarriage. Polonius returns with Ambassadors Voltemand and Cornelius. They bring news from Norway that the old and ailing king, brother to the slain King Fortinbras, has managed to restrain his nephew, young Fortinbras, from invading Denmark. In return, however, the old man asks that Denmark provide some assistance in Fortinbras’ campaign against Poland — that Claudius allow Fortinbras to pass through Denmark on his way to Poland.

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olonius meets with his sly servant Reynaldo and tells him to go to Paris and spy on Laertes. He charges the servant to find any Danes living in Paris and to question them as to Laertes’ whereabouts and reputation. Polonius even goes so far as to give Reynaldo permission to use lies to entrap Laertes. After Reynaldo exits in pursuit of his mission, Ophelia enters and tells Polonius that she has been horrified by the Prince. Hamlet came to her in her sewing room with his jacket askew and unfastened, and wearing no hat; his stockings were filthy and unfastened, drooping at his ankles; and he was pale and trembling, looking “piteous.” Polonius diagnoses Hamlet’s condition as madness due to his love of Ophelia, brought about because Ophelia obeyed her father and spurned Hamlet’s advances. Polonius decides to take his information to the king.

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